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    Stewards Corner: Pushing Back

    by  • December 23, 2014 • Stewards Corner

    ”Today, we say that when you pick a fight with any of us, you pick a fight with all of us! And that when you push us, we will push back!” -speech by Richard Trumka, secretary-treasurer, AFL-CIO, 10/26/1995 The American Labor Movement has progressed slowly and painfully through the last century. From this effort...

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    Swearing Stagehands

    by  • December 23, 2014 • Member Contributions

    Stagehands are known for their multitude of talents, not the least of which is a talent for swearing. Some oaths have been uttered that would make a sailor blush.  There is one oath in particular that is occasionally spoken by a select few that goes like this: “…as a condition of my membership in...

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