Education Committee Report RE: Freeman AV

Written by Katy Hallee

April 24, 2014


As we move forward in our goals of obtaining a contract with Freeman AV, I believe training is an essential step in that process. If we continuously present Freeman with more and more highly trained workers, they will ask for a contract with us to retain those workers!


On January 29, 2014 I came across a set of PDFs on Local 122’s website entitled Freeman AV Operational Standards. The data seemed relevant to the work we have been doing for Freeman AV here in Austin. I saved the files and began making inquiries through Brother Perez to confirm that these PDFs were something we should be sharing with our membership.


I did not hear back from Brother Perez, so when I found myself working for Freeman at the end of February I questioned the Freeman employees I was working with and happened to be introduced to Dave Vass who is the Safety Officer for Austin’s Freeman AV and in charge of training here! Dave confirmed that they previously had a training seminar series for their employees that has since been distilled into these 25 PDFs. They now carry out training with these documents and on-the-job training.


Dave is more than happy to have this information disseminated as widely as possible. He also informed me that one area they are in need of trained individuals is covered in standard #9 AUDIO RECORDING – MARANTZ PROFESSIONAL CDR-420. This device is used to record sessions when the client wants a record of what happened. They are more than willing to provide their equipment for us to use in training our members and individuals on the hiring hall list that work Freeman calls. They are also open to members shadowing other members on a call, off the clock, in order to learn a new skill such as camera operator. This is how training is handled in the San Antonio local and they are more than willing to follow the same method here. All we have to do is show and interest and ask. Arnold Garcia has taken advantage of this opportunity and went to Freeman’s shop for training on one of their video recorders. He got a week of show call out of it!


I have already shared these documents with 19 members. All I need is a gmail address for anyone wishing to have access to the folder. We could also send the document at the bottom of the folder that is a copy of all the links I have downloaded to our membership. I would like the stewards help in informing those people working Freeman calls of this opportunity and collecting their email addresses if they want the information.


I also recommend compiling a list of members that have the aptitude and level of responsibility required to learn the audio recording skill and solicit their interest in a training class. I believe a demonstrated ability as board operator in another area and the corresponding level of responsibility is required for this job as it is like wedding photography. You only get one chance to do the job properly and there is little supervision to make sure you do the job correctly.


We need to make this information widely known and reach all of our workers that are working these calls. A more educated workforce will further our cause for a contract much better than trying to push the issue with Freeman!

AV Standard 0001 – Tripod and Fast-Fold Screens
AV Standard 0002 – Fast-Fold Screen Dress Kits-1
AV Standard 0003 – Flipcharts and Whiteboards
AV Standard 0004 – Safelock Stands and AV Carts
AV Standard 0005 – Cable Care and Taping
AV Standard 0006 – Electrical Metering-Circuit Load Calculation
AV Standard 0007 – Cleaning Exhibit Equipment
AV Standard 0008 – Meeting Room Speaker Placement-Setup
AV Standard 0009 – Audio Recording-Marantz CDR-420
AV Standard 0010 – Analog Audio Recording
AV Standard 0011 – Video Display Image Optimization
AV Standard 0012 – Choosing Correct Video Conduits-Distance Limitations
AV Standard 0013 – Presentation Computer Setup
AV Standard 0014 – Security-Theft Prevention
AV Standard 0015 – Pipe and Drape
AV Standard 0016 – Microphone Placement
AV Standard 0017 – General Session Lectern Microphone Placement
AV Standard 0018 – Conventional Lighting Instruments
AV Standard 0019 – Lighting Trees
AV Standard 0020 – Blocking Exits
AV Standard 0021 – Marking Damaged Equipment – Repair Stickers-Damaged Tape
AV Standard 0022 – Flat-Panel Video Display Handling
AV Standard 0023 – Console and Cable Labeling
AV Standard 0024 – Truck Loading-Unloading
AV Standard 0026 – Wireless Microphone Setup