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    The Newsletter committee is comprised of some hard working individuals!

    Name * Job title/(SHORT description) * How long have you worked/been in the industry? *
    Favorite tool * Favorite color * Favorite gig * Stupidest thing you have seen backstage?

    Mikela Cowan, Chair
    *Lighting tech/programmer
    *Since 2004 backstage/FOH, since 1989 if you count onstage
    *C wrench
    *L707, ultimate violet
    *Wicked (either time), Anda Union
    *FOH- having to jump rope 50’ of cable on a run from the beam to the stage deck to dress it around the architecture. A 12’ ladder was about 25’ too short to do the job.

    Jeff Ellinger, Layout Editor
    *Lighting Supervisor at Texas Performing Arts
    *Since 1979. Ouch.
    *Vectorworks 2012
    *Solas at Hogg Auditorium
    *When an ALO super leaned against the pit light controls stage left, turned off the pit lights and stopped the opera.

    Bradley P. Wilson, Copy Editor
    *Stagehand, writer, editor, carpenter
    *Since the early 90s
    *laptop keyboard
    *periwinkle, because it’s fun to say
    *Sitting at my desk making up stories, though I haven’t managed to make money doing it yet. So I don’t know if it counts as a gig.

    Todd Drga, Contributing Editor
    *Freelance stage electrician
    *Since 1986 (junior high school) unless you count being “backstage” in an elementary school play.
    *8” Crescent wrench
    *Lee 106
    *Whatever I’m working on now
    *Not much backstage but I’ve seen some pretty silly stuff ONstage.

    Andrew Ferrucci, Contributing Editor
    *13 years
    *Cable stretcher
    *R339, Broadway pink
    *Rock’n’roll board op
    *I showed up to work backstage.

    John Stewart,
    Contributing Editor,
    *House projectionist at the Paramount Theatre

    Rest in Peace, committee member Claire Hunt~